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Can the council of owners change the strata manager?

Under Section 44 of the Act, the functions of the Strata Company are carried out by the council of owners therefore they can appoint a new strata manager. It is possible, however, that your current strata manager has a binding contract in place and there may also be additional by-laws in place that restricts this authority, therefore we advise you check your current contracts and by-laws.

What steps are involved in changing to i.fresh strata?

Once the council of owners have selected the type of service they would like, the process is relatively simple. The outgoing management company is advised and a handover date is set. i.fresh strata will then collect your strata company's books, records, keys, remotes and plans from your previous manager and integrate them into our internal filing system. The financial records are loaded into our system and copies of your strata plan, by-laws, minutes and insurance certificate are published on our website. Owners are allocated login details to our website and all property managers and vendors are advised of the change.  During this time your strata manager will work with the council of owners to address any outstanding maintenance and management issues.

How are individual levy amounts decided?

Unless there is a by-law to the contrary, the levies can only be raised in accordance with Unit Entitlement. Unit Entitlement is set by a Licensed Valuer and shows the relative proportion of each owner's share in the scheme.

Who decides how much my levies will be?

The owners determine what the levy amounts will be at a General Meeting and this is usually based on the strata company budget. This budget is decided on based on what the owners estimate the running costs of the strata company will be for the coming financial year.

Why have my levies gone up?

The owners at a general meeting have determined that the current levy contributions were inadequate and have consequently agreed to increase the levy amounts. Reasons why owners would agree to increase the levy contribution include rising electricity costs and insurance premiums. It is important to note that as owners, there is a responsibility to repair and maintain the common property at all times, therefore funds are required to be available for this purpose.

Can our strata manager decide what is discussed at general meetings?

No, this is a responsibility of the council of owners.There are several items that must be considered, including the budget, election of councilors and levy contributions.Any items that owners have raised with their council throughout the year are often also discussed at these meetings.

What can be voted on at a general meeting?

Only issues that are on the agenda can be voted on at a general meeting. This does not mean that there cannot be general discussion on items of strata interest; however such discussions are always with the approval of the chairman.

Someone is playing loud music at 3am, what can I do?

If you feel comfortable enough then try approaching your neighbours in the first instance. If this is not an option, we have found that the most effective way to handle this problem is to call the police. It is important to then contact your strata manager the next working day to report the incident.

Someone is parked in my car bay, what can I do?

Your car bay is likely to be your property and not common property, therefore an owner responsibility. For this reason it can be difficult for your strata manager to assist. Often a note left on the vehicle can resolve the problem. If the problem reoccurs you can contact the local authority and/or the police. Your strata manager will, however, try and assist where they can.

Where can I learn more about understanding Strata titles?

We recommend you try This book is an easy read and is a must for all owners of strata titled property or for potential purchasers of strata titled property.
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