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Leading strata managers in Perth

Contact our strata managers' team in Perth and the first thing you’ll notice is that our strata managers are not your archetypal strata and community title management professionals. Sure, we have extensive experience and we’re members of Strata Community Association (WA) or SCA(WA), but that’s only part of our story as Perth strata managers.

Our strata managers understand, we’ve been there

Noisy neighbours. Housekeeping issues. Poor maintenance. Unprofessional or immature Perth strata managers. As owners of strata titled property in Western Australia, we have firsthand experience on the other side of the fence. We understand the trials and tribulations.

Our Perth team of strata manager also goes to great pains to talk to owners of strata titled properties. Or, to be more precise, we take the time to listen.

Supportive, ethical, innovative strata managers

These insights form the bedrock of our ethical approach. They’re the reason behind our transparent pricing structure and the inspiration behind our holistic suite of strata and community title management services. It’s our simple goal to do the right thing by our clients – to make life easier.

By listening – really listening – we’ve also been able to harness the latest technology to develop systems that streamline the entire strata and community title management process. Take our 24/7 online account access, enabling you to view your transaction history, print copies of invoices, update your contact details and view strata records for your property, all in real time. It all means we have more time to focus on the important things – supporting, advising and guiding our strata clients.

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Got a question? Want to find out how easy it is to switch to i.fresh strata? Take a look at our strata and community title management FAQs. Better still, contact one of our Perth strata manager. We’re available online via Skype or email, or on the phone from 8:00am–5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Frequently asked questions

What is strata management?

Strata management involves the coordination and administration of matters related to joint-owned properties with facilities and common areas, such as apartments and unit complexes. The role in strata management also involves offering guidance and expertise on by-laws, regulation and legislation pertaining to common property concerns.

What is the role of a strata manager?

The role of the strata manager is to work cooperatively with the Council of Owners to successfully maintain, manage and administer all aspects of the common property.

It is important to note, a strata manager cannot be delegated matters or make decisions on behalf of the strata company. For example, only once instructed by the Council of Owners, then a strata manager can only engage contractors or spend trust funds.

Under a contract that is also known as Management Agreement, a strata manager is generally appointed for a fixed term such as one or two years. Under these specific agreements, the strata company can delegate to its strata manager any duties which are specified in the contract. Generally speaking, the strata manager is responsible for the administrative functions of the strata company such as.

  • Arranging insurances
  • Liaising with council members
  • Receiving and distributing correspondence
  • Issuing levy notices
  • Arranging contractors for the repair and maintenance of common property
  • Paying invoices
  • Holding and maintaining the strata company's books and records
  • Attending meetings

Occasionally, strata managers may be instructed to carry out additional tasks such as;

  • Liaising with lawyers
  • Attending Council of Owner meetings
  • Coordinating major repairs
  • Liaising with builders regarding defects

Why should we use a strata manager?

In WA, the management of strata companies is regulated by the Strata Title Act 1985. The Act sets out the requirements that must be met by strata companies across the state. It is a complex and very lengthy Act. To ensure a strata company complies with the Act, requires the support of a professional strata manager who has a good understanding and knowledge of the legislative requirements.

A strata company requires regular and occasional emergency maintenance and ongoing financial management. Without a strata manager, these duties and responsibilities are then left with the Council of Owners, and in some circumstances, the Council often finds it difficult to take on the responsibility of managing an entire strata complex.

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Learn about our Standard and Premium contracts. Or talk to us about a tailor-made option.

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